J. Hahn- Has the highest K/9 ratio of all of the starters today. His xFIP is just over 2.60. He should easily create cap space for higher priced outfielders.

J. Arrieta- He has been throwing the ball very well so far. He strikes out around 10 K/9, and has a low xFIP of around 2.60.

C. Kluber – The number are very close to the two pitchers mentioned above. Cleveland is slightly favored to win in a low scoring game.


J. Peavy – Boston is projected to get the win, but Peavy has been terrible.

U. Jimenez – Has an xFIP over 4 and K/9 fewer than 8. The over/under is projected close to 10.


J. Saunders-  xFIP over 5.00!! He faces Jimenez tonight in a game that should produce a lot of offence. Give me all of Orioles outfielders tonight!

Monday, June 30, 2014 2:46:00 PM