As the long weekend comes to an end we have every team in play today. With 30 pitchers to choose from there are many to pick from. A few stand out from the pack..

Jesse Hahn- He has been fantastic so far this season. He leads all of the pitchers playing today in K/9. He also has an ERA below 2.00 with a low xFIP to match of around 2.50.

Jake Arrieta- Even though he is not projected to get the win today he has pitched very well. He Ks more than 10 batters per 9, and has the lowest xFIP of 2.50 today.

Stack the Balt/Bos game!!! Over/Under of 9... Kevin Gausman and Jake Peavy face each other. Both have struggled in strike out, and allowing runs.

Posted by Shane Greenwood Sunday, July 06, 2014 10:56:00 AM