Tonight’s lineup of games offers many options to choose from at the pitcher position. This should make the cash games interesting because there should be less overlap at this position. Below are a few players that stand out tonight.

Clayton Kershaw – He has been the best in the business over the past month. He has a K/9 rate of over 11, and xFIP under 2.00. He has averaged 20.25 over the last 15 days at a cost of 622.00 per point.

Johnny Cueto – Cueto has a 15 game point average just below Kershaw’s at 19.5. His xFIP is respectfully just above 3.00. At a FD cost of 10300.00 his cost per point is 528.00.

Dallas Keuchel – He has offered the best value over the 15 days. He has averaged 15.5 point over that period for a cost of 516.00 per point. His ERA is around 3.00 with an xFIP to match.

Jesse Hahn – You can count on him giving you around 13 points per outing. This has been constant all year. His ERA is 2.01, and xFIP of 3.16. At 7100.00 on FD he offers a lot of value. He cost per point is 546.00

Posted by Shane Greenwood Tuesday, August 05, 2014 2:32:00 PM