Can Evan Longoria have a strong finish through the end of the season, or will his power numbers continue to struggle? Many of his batting stats have stayed consistent over his career while others have seemed to have taken a hit. His BABIP has always been close to .300 with the exception of 2011 where it fell to .239. This same year his BB% was at its highest at 13.9%. The stat that stands out the most is his ISO. Over the previous 5 years his ISO averaged .236. This season it is 100 points lower at .138. The decline with the amount of balls he hits power has had an overall effect on his homerun numbers. He is hitting the same number of balls, but not able to hit them with power. Although Longoria was only able to play 74 games in the 2012 season because of a hamstring injury he hit 2 more homeruns over that shortened season than he currently has with extra 60 games played. He finished 10th last season with 27 homeruns. This season he is in 48th position with 15. The numbers are clear to see, but the biggest concern is what is causing the decline. I personally think it is just temporary, and he will bounce back to an upper tier offensive threat.

Posted by Shane Greenwood Wednesday, August 20, 2014 11:33:00 AM


Friday, August 22, 2014 9:54:54 AM

I agree, let's be honest - it's Longoria! In a small ball game plan, the long ball is not the answer to winning games. It helps, but with the mad scientist at the helm - he will always find a way to get the 'W'.

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