Cash game plays:

Felix Hernandez (11,000) – Since the break he has an ERA of 1.54 with an xFIP of 2.41. He is the safest start of the night.

Doug Fister (8600) – He has pitched extremely well over the second half of the season. He currently has an ERA below one over that period with a FIP of around 2.50. I would like to see him strike out a few more batters, but he will give you 7 solid innings and the win tonight.

GPP plays:

Carlos Carrasco (5700) – Has a 2.08 ERA over his last 4 starts. Has an xFIP of 2.41. His fastball has been averaging 96 mph. I could see him easily reaching and exceeding value.

Shane Greene (6900) – He is able to get the strike outs needed to hit value. His has a K rate is at almost a batter per inning. He has an xFIP of 3.18 since the break.

Pitchers to stack against:

Brad Peacock – 10.5 ERA, xFIP 5.59, and 3 HR/9 since the break.

Tommy Milone – 9.82 ERA, xFIP 5.49 and 2.45 HR/9 over his last 2 starts.

John Danks – 8.37 ERA, xFIP 5.01 and 2.43 HR/9 over last 6 starts.

Posted by Shane Greenwood Friday, August 22, 2014 11:10:00 AM