The day has finally arrived, and will fill the void NFL fans have been experiencing since the day after the Super Bowl. Televisions across the country will be tuned in to watch the season opener. Lost in this day are the 8 MLB games being played tonight as they push to make the post season. As I looked at tonight’s matchups and starting pitching it seems like MLB has conceded this day to the NFL. The MLB attempted to match up the Yankees against the Red Sox, but had no idea both teams would have been a disappointment to this point. The starting pitching tonight is filled with middle of the rotation guys. Face it the MLB players are excited football is finally back too. The most recognizable name to the average sports fan pitching tonight is Max Scherzer. He has a Fanduel salary of (11,000) the next tier of players below him start in the low 8,000 range. In that 8000.00 range of pitchers I think value can be found tonight. So while I will be tuned into the kickoff of the football season, my money be on the diamond.

Chris Capuano – (6000.00) He has an xFIP of just over 3.00 over the second half of the season. He strikes out almost a batter per inning. Cost per point over the last 15 day is around 588.00.

Ian Kennedy – (8100.00) Should be a nice play if he can control his walks. He has been a solid source for strikeouts, and should get the win tonight. K/9 is over a batter per inning over the second half. FIP of around 3.60.

Chris Tillman – (7400.00) Started 9 games since the break with 4 wins and 5 no decisions. ERA of 1.85 over that span. He cost per point has been 643.00 over the second half.

Posted by Shane Greenwood Thursday, September 04, 2014 11:53:00 AM