F. Hernandez- Safe play of the day! He averages more than a strike out per inning with an FIP of 1.86. He pitches late into games, and should get the win for today.

Z. Greinke- Also averages around a strike out per inning and has an xFIP of 2.77. This game has a 7.5 o/u with the Dodgers getting the win at -125.

A. Cobb- The value pitcher of the day. He went 7 innings in his last start while striking out 6. Although he did not come away with the win in that contest Vegas has the line set at -150. His GB% is at 53.60% which will hopefully keep his pitch count down.

Over the weekend Coors Field provided enough fantasy points for an entire week of contests. I will not entirely fade this game tonight, but not stack my entire lineup from this game. L. Lynn has a low HR/9 rate of .59. I think he should be able to keep the ball in the park. J. Chacin only gave up 2 hits his last start at home in 7 innings. This being the Cards first game of the series it may take them a day to adjust to the altitude. Keep in mind the line is still set at 10.5.

Posted by Shane Greenwood Monday, June 23, 2014 2:53:00 PM