Pitching 6/16/2014







Posted by Shane Greenwood Monday, June 16, 2014 9:35:00 AM

Selecting the correct pitcher will increase your odds of finishing in the money more than any other position in the lineup. They are capable of providing two and three times the number of points of the other batting positions. This is why they occupy such a large percentage of the cap. start by finding a pitcher that you are comfortable with winning the game. Then I like to research the pitchers stats to determine which pitchers are capable of providing to most strikeouts and giving up the fewest runs. Many times it is not the most expensive ace that can provide the value needed at this position.

The two highest priced pitchers, Julio Teheran and Cole Hamels, face off against each other tonight. Hamels enters this game averaging 9.36 K/9, and Teheran is projected to get the win in a low scoring game.

The value play of the day may be Jake Odorizzi. He is averaging 10.5 K/9 while getting the slight edge to come away with the win over Baltimore.