To make this tool work the most effectively you will have to apply some of your own research. Deciding what positions to spend on, and what positions to find value can make the difference in winning or coming up short. I always like to do my own research on pitching and look for favorable hitting match ups to play for each day. Using the default lineup will build a very balanced lineup for each position, and often times score enough points to win cash games. I normally try to spend more on the OF and corner infielders to seek higher point totals. Most days I like to punt the catcher and 2nd base position to allow the MLB Lineup Builder more cap space for the other positions. This strategy to build the optimal lineup will change each day depending on the number of games, players playing, weather, and starting pitchers. Most everyday DFS players can target the group of players that will by highly owned. This tool helps fill in the gaps with players to help give you the edge.

Posted by Shane Greenwood Friday, June 20, 2014 3:52:00 PM