Lineup Tool- Once you have determined the pitcher and hitters that you want to play, the tool will fill in the other gaps with a combination of players that will provide the most fantasy points with the salary left. The tool will provide information for each player such as the over/under for the game, the weather, and if a certain player is in the starting lineup on a given night. Manually selecting a player allows you to place a player already targeted, or to select a possible position to punt. A low salary player in the starting lineup will allow to tool to use the available cap space at other positions. The tool provides the ability to choose if the players it selects are based off of season long stats, the last 15 game, last game, or value stats. Value option bases the the number of points a player provides for the amount spent. The 15 game option provides players that have recently provided fantasy production.

Posted by Shane Greenwood Friday, June 13, 2014 4:14:00 PM