SetLineup: Available for Apple Users 


SetLineup is excited to offer the Lineup Builder on the iOS platform. Every Fanduel sport is now available in the application. Look for new features to be added to enhance the user’s ability to create winning lineups on the go. Look for the app in the Android Market and Apple Store. Below are links to each of the apps.

Apple -

Android -

Posted by Shane Greenwood Monday, November 24, 2014 11:48:00 AM

SetLineup: Application for Android 

The same lineup builder that was successful for the MLB season is also available for NFL, NHL, NBA, and College Football in the Android Marketplace. Similar algorithm based lineup builders exist, but this is the only that one allows you lock, fade, or manually select players from your mobile device. Try it free today!

Posted by Shane Greenwood Tuesday, November 04, 2014 10:28:00 AM

SetLineup: Week 8 NFL GPP Plays 

QB – Carson Palmer (7400) – Shoulder seems to be better each week that goes by. He is facing a favorable match-up this week against a weak Philly secondary that is giving up the 5th most points to QBs this season.

RB – Darren McFadden (6100) – I am somewhat scared to play him because it is about time for an injury break, but he is up against a Cleveland defense that made Denard Robinson look like Barry Sanders last week.

RB – Jerick McKinnon (6500) – He has seen a steady load of work over the last two weeks. Tampa Bay is giving up about 25 points per week to the RB position. Tampa having the bye last week worries me a little, but I am still going to play him.

WR – Michael Floyd (6500) – Production depends solely on who the QB is in AZ. Pair him Carson Palmer. With so many favorable options this week, this should be a lower percentage owned duo.

WR – Jordy Nelson (8800) – This game has the highest o/u total of the week, and could become a shootout. It is must to have some exposer to this game.

WR – Sammy Watkins (7300) – He is coming off of a career day, and has another great match-up against the Jets. The Jets are giving up 30 points to the WR position.

TE – Rob Gronkowski (7200)– Gronk did not find the end zone last week, but played nearly every offensive snap. He is due at any moment to have a huge game. I could see playing Jimmy Graham in this spot also with the shootout potential of that game. The gamble is going to be how healthy he is this week.

K – Chandler Catanzaro (5100) – Scores points… Charts say he has a good match-up..

Defense - Buffalo (5300) – 5300 – See kicker comments

Posted by Shane Greenwood Wednesday, October 22, 2014 2:49:00 PM

Setlineup: Week 6 GPP Plays 

This week there are several quarterbacks that someone could make the argument for starting. The first is Matt Ryan is playing at home against the Bears at home. Chicago is the 21st ranked team against the QB position. I also like Jay Cutler in this game. It has the highest o/u posted so far this week, and may become a shootout. It will be interesting to see what the ownership is for Cutler after the lineups lock Thursday night. Both of the Manning brothers have top 5 matchups as well. Peyton comes with the steep price tag, while Eli may be difficult to trust.

The running back position offers some great matchups from the elite, and very good value plays from backups that are almost guaranteed to get touches because of injuries. Matt Forte broke out last week in a huge way. This week he happens to face the worst team against opposing backs at Atlanta.Le'Veon Bell also has a great opportunity against Cleveland that has allowed 26 points per game to running backs. The two guys that will be the easiest to plug in for value are Branden Oliver and Andre Williams. I anticipate these two guys will be highly owned this week.

You WR1 will most likely be determined by which QB you decide roll out. Some mid/low tiers that stand out are Justin Hunter, Rueben Randle, Golden Tate, and Allen Robinson. Justin Hunter played entirely the whole game last week; his role is quickly becoming larger. Randle could have a big game Sunday night in Philly. The Eagles have given up the 2nd most points to the WR position this year at 37 points per game. Golden Tate has the chance to be the number 1 option if Calvin Johnson rests his ankle. Allen Robinson should easily hit value at his near minimum salary price tag.

Here are two early lineups using the two Manning brothers as quarterback:

QB – Eli Manning                QB- Peyton Manning

RB – Arian Foster                RB –Branden Oliver

RB – Le'Veon Bell                RB –Andre Williams

WR – Rueben Randle          WR – Justin Hunter

WR – Golden Tate               WR – Rueben Randle

WR – Justin Hunter            WR - Emmanuel Sanders

TE – Delanie Walker           TE – Delanie Walker

K – Stephen Gostkowski     K – Stephen Gostkowski

Def – San Diego                    Def – San Diego

Posted by Shane Greenwood Wednesday, October 08, 2014 2:49:00 PM

SetLineup: Week 5 GPP plays 

I hope everyone was able to overcome the dud performance Donald Brown gave the nearly 40% of people that played him last week. I was able to still put up 158 points in spite of that performance by hitting on other value plays. Matt Asiata’s three touchdown performance saved my lineup. Below are some favorable matchups for this week.


Philip Rivers – (8400) The Jets have given the second most points to QBs. He is setup to have another solid performance.

Ben Roethlisberger- (7700) This match-up is easy to spot. The Jags are the NBA version of the Sixers this season. Stacks are not common in NFL, but the Jags are the exception.

Austin Davis – (7200) This is a pure punt play. I like Ben more for an extra 500.00, but Philly has been very generous to quarterbacks so far.


Rashad Jennings – (7200) On paper he has the best match-up of the day going against ATL. He only scored 5.7 points last week against the Skins, but still averaged 4.23 yards per carry. As long as the Giants do not fall too far behind early he should be a solid play.

Le’ Veon Bell – (8600) Playing against the Jags… Play him in cash and gpp lineups.

Bishop Sankey – (5900) Facing the Browns this week who have given up the 2nd most fantasy points. This may be the week he finally get his opportunity to break out. He had an equal amount of touches as Shonn Green last week.

Jerick McKinnon – (5800) Defiantly had a huge game last week rushing 18 times for 135 yards. Matt Asiata got the goal line carries, but McKinnon should have earned some extra touches this week. Green Bay is giving up almost 28 points to the RB position so far.


Antonio Brown – (9000) Jags.. (See above)

Markus Wheaton – (5300) Contrarian play to Antonio Brown

Alshon Jeffery – (7500) Carolina has given up around 30 points a game to the wr position. Marshall is dealing with a nagging ankle injury.

Brandin Cooks – (6400) TB has allowed the most FP to wide receivers. N.O. should bounce back at home this week.

Brian Quick – (6000) Playing against Philly. Given up the 4thmost FP to WR.


Heath Miller – (5900) Jags have not been able to cover the TE position since…

Delanie Walker – (6400) Best emerging TE that has not been getting any love at all. Face a nice match-up against Clevland this week.

Jordan Reed – (5100) Keep an eye on his status. Paul suffered a possible concussion last week. At this price if he plays he should easily hit value.

My early week lineup:

QB - Ben Roethlisberger

RB – Bishop Sankey

RB - Le’Veon Bell

WR – Antonio Brown

WR – Alshon Jeffery

WR – Brandin Cooks

TE – Jordan Reed

K - Patrick Murray

D – Dallas Cowboys

Posted by Shane Greenwood Wednesday, October 01, 2014 9:57:00 AM

SetLineup: NFL Week 4 Value 


Finding the value plays for daily fantasy football is critical for building a winning lineup. Players that will reach value are the key to scoring enough points to reach the money. Finding these low to mid salary guys will allow you afford the high priced players. Often times to win money in a large gpp it requires you play players that are not highly owned amongst the field. Since Fanduel does not allow for late swaps, team’s lineups are visible Thursday night for the entire weekend. I prefer to play in mostly Sunday only slates, but I will play at least one week long slate gpp because it gives me a feel of what players will be highly owned on Sundays. Below are some of this week’s players that stand out.

Matthew Stafford – (8600) I think he is due for a bounce back week. I suspect his ownership may be low due to the fact he burned so many last week.

Blake Bortles – (6500) At this price he should easily be able to reach value. They will be playing from behind most of the games which should give him plenty of opportunity to throw the ball.

Donald Brown – (6300) The opposite applies to the Chargers. They should have the luxury of being able to run the ball most of the game. With Danny Woodhead and Mathews out, Brown is the lone RB to feed the ball to once they get the lead over Jax.

Lamar Miller – (6900) Received most of the touches last week, and has a plus matchup this week against Oakland.

Antonio Brown – (8400) He has been very consistent, and has a very good match-up against Tampa Bay this week. He is a must start in cash games.

Posted by Shane Greenwood Tuesday, September 23, 2014 3:09:00 PM

SetLineup:Playing the Short Slate 

There are four games tonight on the late night slate for Fanduel. Over the last week the MLB Lineup Builder has been successful at creating lineups that compete in these small slates. It is still critical to apply some research for the tool to be most effective. Picking the correct pitcher to start and the correct pitcher to exploit is the key. This is the case regardless of the number of games being played; with only 6 to 8 pitchers to choose from the odds of hitting the correct one are much better. Once you have found the pitcher you want to start, and the team you stack against a weaker pitcher then allow the tool to fill the other roster spots. This creates a hybrid of a gpp and cash game lineup. Some players may need to be faded if the tool picks hitters going against your pitcher, or players in obvious unfavorable matchups. Sometimes the final roster created may not use the entire cap space. On smaller slates the highest scores are often from rosters build well below the cap space.

Pitcher to start- Jake Peavy

Team to stack – Angels

Posted by Shane Greenwood Tuesday, September 16, 2014 4:00:00 PM

Setlineup: West Coast Games 9/10/2014 

Another three game late slate should be available on Fanduel again tonight. It is critical to select the right pitcher to compete because of a smaller pool of players to choose from. Those who started Yusmeiro Petit for the late games last night had a huge leg up of the rest of the field. The winning score for the Line Drive was 43.5 points, and Petit scored 21 of them on his own. When choosing a lineup from only a few teams the salary cap becomes less of a factor. Winning lineups are often well below the maximum allowance for these smaller slates. Below are a few of the pitchers from the west coast games.

Hisashi Iwakuma – Heavily favored to get the win, and has the lowest ERA, FIP, and xFIP of all the starters over the second half of the season. Should be the safest play, but will be heavily owned.

Ian Kennedy – Has proven he can strike batters out. Has a K rate of a batter per inning over the second half of season. With an ERA and xFIP above 4.00 he is a risky play.

Dan Haren – Riskiest play, but may win a gpp if you have the guts to take the risk. Favored in the win tonight, and pitched well his last outing. Struck out 9 batter with a 1.50 ERA last game.

Posted by Shane Greenwood Wednesday, September 10, 2014 9:48:00 AM

Setlineup: Thurday is finally here... 


The day has finally arrived, and will fill the void NFL fans have been experiencing since the day after the Super Bowl. Televisions across the country will be tuned in to watch the season opener. Lost in this day are the 8 MLB games being played tonight as they push to make the post season. As I looked at tonight’s matchups and starting pitching it seems like MLB has conceded this day to the NFL. The MLB attempted to match up the Yankees against the Red Sox, but had no idea both teams would have been a disappointment to this point. The starting pitching tonight is filled with middle of the rotation guys. Face it the MLB players are excited football is finally back too. The most recognizable name to the average sports fan pitching tonight is Max Scherzer. He has a Fanduel salary of (11,000) the next tier of players below him start in the low 8,000 range. In that 8000.00 range of pitchers I think value can be found tonight. So while I will be tuned into the kickoff of the football season, my money be on the diamond.

Chris Capuano – (6000.00) He has an xFIP of just over 3.00 over the second half of the season. He strikes out almost a batter per inning. Cost per point over the last 15 day is around 588.00.

Ian Kennedy – (8100.00) Should be a nice play if he can control his walks. He has been a solid source for strikeouts, and should get the win tonight. K/9 is over a batter per inning over the second half. FIP of around 3.60.

Chris Tillman – (7400.00) Started 9 games since the break with 4 wins and 5 no decisions. ERA of 1.85 over that span. He cost per point has been 643.00 over the second half.

Posted by Shane Greenwood Thursday, September 04, 2014 11:53:00 AM

Setlineup: NFL Lineup Builder is here!! 


The lineup builder that has successfully built MLB rosters all season is now available for NFL. It includes many of the same features like the ability to lock, fade, and manually start players. The lineup builder allows you to pick individual games to select players from, or the ability to select all teams with just one click. The tool is the easiest way to optimize any lineup using past or projected points. The wait is almost over! Try it free!

Posted by Shane Greenwood Tuesday, September 02, 2014 10:04:00 PM
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