Friday night officially started the second half of the season with the all-star game behind us.  From this point on we will hear stats about how someone has played since the break. They have only played three days of games since the break, but I thought I would look to see who stood out over the weekend. The first player is Anthony Rizzo. He only struck out once and batted over .450 with 3 homers. His ISO was over .800 which explains the HR total.  Neil Walker had a nice weekend batting close to .600 with a homer. The last guy I will mention is Jacoby Ellsbury. He had a BABIP of .560. His stat line also included 3 stolen bags and a HR.

Pitchers on the slate tonight

C. Sale- He leads in every stat category today including price.

J. Teheran- Heavily favored in a low scoring game. xFIP is higher than his 2.70 ERA suggesting he is due to regress, but he should be a safe play tonight against the fish.

M. Shoemaker- xFIP of 3.30, and strikes out about a batter per inning. He should get the win against B. Norris. This is strictly a GPP play.

Pitchers that will likely give up a homerun  

F. Morales Has a crazy 20% HR/FB ratio. Roster as many Nationals as you can..

V. Nuno  Only 37% of the balls hit are on the ground. He gives up about 1.5 HR per 9 innings he pitches. This should be high scoring game.

T. House He has a small body of work to judge, but during his 45 innings pitched 1 out of 3 balls hit into the air left the ballpark. His BABIP is over .340.

Posted by Shane Greenwood Monday, July 21, 2014 9:53:00 AM