What is the total number of points we must reach each night to win? During the NBA season I found that 300 points would often put me in the money. Baseball fluctuates much more on a given night, but my goal is to reach the 40 point mark. This is a good point to determine which guys have value, and which ones are overpriced. To reach this point total each point will cost 875.00. Selecting a roster where every player reaches value is almost impossible. It takes a roster with some players that exceed value to make up the difference for the players that fall short. Often times the pitcher position is the most predicable to determine value. Below are a few pitchers from the late games.

Clayton Kershaw – He has averaged 16 FP over the last 15 days. His last outing he scored 20 FP. At a cost of 12,100 the price per point is 745.25. He is well in range of hitting value, and always has the potential of exceeding it.

Johnny Cueto – He has averaged 14 FP over the last 15 days, and his last outing matched Clayton Kershaw’s 20 points. At a price tag of 10300 the price per point is 700.68.

Yordano Ventura – He has averaged 5.8 points over the last 15 days. His price on today is set at 7000. This relates to 1206.90 per point which is well above the 850.00 mark. With that said I see a good chance of him making value tonight. He averages 6 innings per outing, and has an ERA around 3.60. He averages 7.5 K/9, and is heavily favored to get the win. I could easily see him reaching 12 FP tonight. This would make his cost 583.34 per point.

Posted by Shane Greenwood Thursday, July 31, 2014 11:29:00 AM